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Did you know Enterprise Ireland is offering consultancy funding to businesses?

RP Consulting is registered on the Enterprise Ireland panel of consultants, this means you may be able to access funding for your Lean Business project. If you would like more information on how to access this funding, check out or Click Here to contact us.

RP Consulting is a wholly owned Irish company that works to improve your company profitability and customer value through implementation of operational excellence. RP Consulting specialises in executing lean six sigma process and in Change Management where needed.

All RP Consulting staff are hands-on lean consultants who have held senior roles in some of the worlds biggest and brightest companies. Their combined knowledge of lean systems and improvement techniques has been earned through working with all types of businesses in many market sectors – from Finance to Manufacturing, in both Ireland and throughout the World.  

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Transforming Your Business Through Lean Six Sigma Processes

RP Consulting has helped many companies improve how they operate utilising Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

Through improved process management we can help you to realise higher margins, grow your revenues, manage costs better, and use your capital more efficiently.

The combination of both Lean and Six Sigma process improvement methodologies can enable your organisation to build upon its existing capabilities, to become safer, faster and better able to operate at reduced costs in a long-term sustainable way.

We have helped our clients transform the way they operate – empowering and engaging internal talent, increasing customer satisfaction, and building a stronger capability for growth.

Change Management Programmes and Services

Change is inevitable and is made more difficult if we don't have the right skills to manage it. The need for change is increasing, particularly with the rapid increase of new technologies and varied ways of doing business. Irish businesses must be capable of responding positively to change in order to succeed in the future. An effective programme of change management will allow you to introduce and manage change in the most constructive way possible.

We can work with you to tailor an effective change plan, train managers to lead change, equip staff to better manage themselves through change and we can provide support to those who are struggling with changes. RP Consulting has a proven track record of understanding the complex connections between individuals, teams and the organisation, and how best to develop these elements for the benefit of all.

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