What Do I Do If I Suspect My Company Is Insolvent?

If you suspect that your company is insolvent, get advice as soon as you can. RP consulting can do an examination of your business and tell you where your business stands. They will advise you on the best path to take, whether it is on how to correctly dissolve your company, or if your business can be turned around back to profitability.




What types of Company Liquidation are there?

If your company is being liquidated, it can be either a Forced Liquidation or a Voluntary Liquidation, depending on the circumstances. Forced liquidation is when you have no choice in the matter, the courts have assessed that your company cannot continue to trade, and they make the decision. Voluntary Liquidation is as it sounds, you appoint a liquidator to wind up the company and its assets. RP Consulting can help.



How do I choose an Insolvency Practitioner?

There are many Insolvency Practitioners in Ireland. Make sure you choose the right one for you and your business. If your business is in distress, RP Consulting can help.





What does an Insolvency Consultant do?

An Insolvency Consultant helps you and your business get through difficult times. Your insolvency consultant is an expert in steering you and your business in the right direction, as they can advise you on the best path to take, whether it is on how to correctly dissolve your company, or if your business can be turned around back to profitability.RP Consulting is here to help.



Can Examinership be to my Benefit?

An Examiner is appointed by the court to examine your business and advise you on how to best run your business. If your company is in distress, RP Consulting can help.





What is the role of an Examiner?

An Examiner can be appointed by the courts, or by you if your business is in distress. The Examiner will examine your business and advise you on improvements that can be made to sort out your business. If you think your business may need an examiner, RP Consulting can help.




How can an Insolvency Consultant help my business?

Your Business needs to work for you. When yourbusiness is insolvent you struggle with all sorts of issues with creditors, payroll etc. RP Consultants can help you get your business back on track.




How do I effectively deal with Business Debt?

What happens when your cash flow is not meeting your debts?Understanding how to deal with your creditors at this time is very important for your business. We can help you talk to your creditors.




What Should I Do if I Receive A Statutory Demand?

Never ignore a statutory demand. If you fail to answer it, the courts will either appoint a receiver, examiner or liquidator. If you receive a statutory demand contact an adviser right away. RP Consulting can Help.




I’ve been served a Statutory Demand. What if I disagree with it?

A statutory demand is been served on you by the courts. Usually this is because a creditor has complained to the court that you have not paid them. If you disagree with the creditor, you still must not ignore it. You need to respond quickly to the courts stating what your issues are with the creditor. RP Consulting can help you with this.



How do I Recover From Business Insolvency?

When your business becomes insolvent, you’re in a position where your costs are higher than your income. When you’re in that situation an insolvency consultant can help you bring your business around. Ignoring the issues won’t make it go away. RP Consulting can Help.




Why do businesses become insolvent?

There are many different causes for business insolvency. The costs have gone out of control, the payroll bill is rising, your customers are demanding you drop your prices. All of these squeezes can put your business into insolvency. RP Consulting can Help.




How Do I Control My Business Costs?

The economy is more competitive than ever, and it is important to have tight control of your costs. Processes such as LEAN SIGMA and other Change Management tools can be introduced to effectively give your business that competitive edge. RP Consulting are experts at Lean Sigma and other Change Management processes.



Now I have Control Of My Costs –What Next?

Having control of your costs is the best place for a business to be. You now have control of your business. So what’s next? RP consulting is there to make sure that it stays that way. We can help you to Future Proof your business.




What is Lean Sigma?

Lean sigma is a process management tool to help you to increase the efficiency of your business so you can be more competitive. RP Consulting can help you to implement Lean Sigma in your business to save you money.




What Is Change Management

Change management is about making adjustments to your business to make it run more efficiently. RP Consulting works with you in your business to identify areas where Change Management can benefit you.